Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today was planting day.
We learned about how to plant three seeds in each spot because not all seeds always sprout.

We learned how to water our tomatoes from the bottom. Put water in the tray and let the plants soak up the water through the holes in the bottom. We will need to do this again in 3 to 5 days. Depending if it gets dried out.
A common killer of young tomato plants is watering TOO much. So we do not need to water for a while.

We used a chop stick to make our holes the right size and looked at a mark on the stick to show us how deep to plant them. Some said to plant 1/4 inch deep some 1/2 inch deep.

We learned that we breath in oxygen and out carbon dioxide and plants use carbon dioxide and create oxygen. So planting plants helps give us healthy air. 

We talked about putting our plants in a warm sunny place. They need to be inside for now. We need to keep them near a window. Seed like warm to sprout. 

Our master gardeners who helped us are named Kathy and Ellen.

Master Gardeners have to go to school and take tests to be a master gardener. Then they help others with their gardening projects.

Tomato seeds are really small. Some people realized that they are the little things inside the tomatoes.

We planted three kinds of tomato seeds so we kept the labels with each kind so we know what they are.

One kind was a Heirloom variety which means we can plant the seeds inside the tomatoes it grows again next year.

We had to make sure we kept track of where we planted each seed so every spot gets a seed.

We put covers on the trays to keep the moisture in, and to help keep them warm.

Ready to take our trays home.

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