Friday, June 13, 2014

Mary Jo Wegner Aboretum

What can you do at the Arboretum.

You can take a class, or sign up to bring a field trip here and they will have different classes and activities for you to do. I took a nature photography class.

You can learn about different kinds of rose quartz.

You can see the formal gardens, where every thing is labeled so you know what kinds of plants they are. They almost have one of everything that can be grown around here.

See you are learning already.

Even the trees are labeled.
You can sit by a pond.

 Or walk the figure 8 trail.

Out front you can learn about different leaf shapes and what kind of tree they are from.

You can find a quiet shady place.

With a trickling stream.

 With clear sparkly water

You can get your feet wet.

You can find wildlife.
You can explore.

You can climb rocks.

You can take nice family photos.

You can enjoy the view.

You can walk down the road.

You can have a picnic.

You can take a break.

You can visit a replica of an old school room, and visit with an arborist, like my friends from
Kids Grow Green and I did.
You can watch the video!