KGG Challenges

How YOU can get involved.

Now that more people know about "Kids Grow Green" we have been asked how you can get more involved. So we came up with Kids Grow Green Challenges!!!

Kids Grow Green Challenge #1
Start Milk Carton and Juice Box Recycling at your school!
To learn how to start Milk Carton Recycling at your school visit.
They will send you a recycling kit for free, like this one to get it started.

If you live in the Sioux Falls area and are interested in recycling milk cartons at your school contact Millennium Recycling. 
using the link on their page.
If you are the one to get this started in your school, contact us at and we will feature you on our blog as an AMAZING Green Kid!
Kids Grow Green Challenge #2
Build something out of recycled materials.
Upcycling is making something new out of something old. I LOVE to do this. I have made a dollhouse, a robot, and a stuffed animal Ferris wheel all out of recycled materials as well as many many other things. Show us what you can make. Save things form the landfill by using them again to make art or something useful. You might have an idea others want to make too. So if we share our ideas we can save even more things from the landfill.
We will add all your creations and descriptions to a special blog post!
Kids Grow Green Challenge #3

Make a video on what can and can not be recycled in our area to help them spread the word to answer two of their most asked questions.
1. What can be recycled in the recycling bin?
2. What can not be recycled in their recycling bin?
If you do make a video for them, send us the Youtube link to Kids Grow Green as well at  We want to post your video on our blog to spread the recycling word and recognize you for taking part in a Kids Grow Green Challenge!
Help Millennium Recycling, possibly win your own laptop, and help our planet. What more can you ask for?
For more contest details visit the Millennium Recycling Video Contest Link.
This challenge has expired but you can see our contest video and the winning video on Millennium Recycling's website.
Kids Grow Green Challenge #4
Screen Free Week.
Yes I said it. Go for a week without computers, video game systems and TV's. Our family does this the first week of summer break each year. We kick off the summer with a ton of awesome adventures, games, books, crafts, and imaginations and it helps us realize there is actually a ton we can do other than play on electronics. It helps the environment by conserving energy as well. We spent a ton of time exploring nature. By the end of the week we are ready to watch a movie for sure, but we also know how to find fun in many other places other than video games. Need some ideas to keep busy. Look at our screen free week post that has a list of what we did, instead of watching TV or playing computer or video games.
Kids Grow Green Challenge #5
Go on a Garbage Walk.
We have started a new tradition on Going on a Garbage Walk on July 5th in order to help pick up fireworks our neighbors missed. Chemicals from these can get into the water drainage systems and pollute water ditches which provide a habitat for local animals. Picking them up and putting them into the garbage can help keep these chemicals out of the water systems.
Going on a Garbage Walk is a great idea anytime. When you walk your dog, bring along an extra bag to pick up garbage as you walk. It is an easy way to help your neighborhood look great, and to help the environment.
To read about our firework garbage walk click here.

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