Saturday, July 5, 2014

KGG Challenge #5, Go on a Garbage Walk

Happy 4th of July!
Well, today is really the 5th of July, but it is a great time to give you a KGG challenge.
 One great way kids can help the environment is by picking up garbage when they go on walks. Just bring a garbage bag with you when you go on a walk.
Today we thought it was the perfect day to go on a garbage walk around our block because it is the 5th of July and there was a lot of fireworks going off last night in our neighborhood. This is the bag we collected while walking around or block.

It is good to get this stuff off your yards and out of gutters. If it was to rain much of this would have ended up in the sewer system and the toxins such as burned sulfur would end up polluting the water  in local drainage ditches which provide a habitat for local animals.
Researchers have not yet determined how much the shooting of fireworks really effects human health because it is hard to pinpoint a cause and effect for much of the problems they may cause, but they are filled with toxic chemicals that do pollute the air and heavy metals which can be toxic. We may not be able to stop our country from shooting fireworks on the 4th of July. But we can all help clean up afterwards to help keep more pollution from happening after the celebration is over.
Help your neighborhood be a safer healthier place by going on a fireworks garbage walk today!