Saturday, March 8, 2014

Watermelon Magic

My classmates and I were invited for a free viewing of the movie Watermelon Magic to help inspire our project of growing tomato plants to sell for green causes.
We LOVED the movie!!!!

Thank You Washington Pavilion and those who made Watermelon Magic for letting us see it!
Here is a clip.

When the film was first made it needed publicity just like our project. Watermelon Magic was funded on a website called Kickstarter.
This was the video the film maker Richard made to talk about his project. It talks about why he made the movie and what techniques he used.

I have made my own stop motion video before after reading the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret.
In the book the non-fictional character George Melies was a real movie maker who actually invented the stop-motion video edit that they used in the movie. My friends from class wanted to see my movie so I will post it below.
We actually get to make our own video to show at the Ground Works Fundraiser at Landscape Garden Centers on April 23th.
We get to show our 3 minute video about our project to those who come. I think we can maybe make a video of our plants growing like in the video watermelon magic.

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    Fundraiser if April 23!!!
    We can't wait to feature you