Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Conserving Water Callenge!!!

Did you know that the kind of water that tomato plants, or any kind of plants actually, like best is??
Rain Water!
Now I know that many of you don't have rain barrels laying around to collect rain water, and actually it is still too cold to have them out because they might freeze and crack. But... thanks to mother nature this week we have rain water right outside.

Where? The snow!
My challenge for you is to fill up a bin or some buckets with snow... As the snow melts you will have awesome fresh clean (safe for your plants anyway) water for you to water your tomato plants with.
You can bring smaller sized cups or buckets inside to melt now if you need to water your plants. And leave a larger container outside incase we have a faster melt.
About how many inches of snow does it take in your container to melt into one inch of water?
 Will it be the same, or different? Does how hard you pack the snow in make a difference?
What are your predictions? 
The plants actually grow stronger, healthier and faster if you use this water than if you use your tap water.
Tap water contains chemicals like chlorine that we use to kill bacteria that may make it not safe for us to drink.
Although those chemicals may make it more safe for us, it actually is not as healthy for plants.
When you collect your snow make sure it is not near a street or sidewalk.
There may be salt used for ice melt there and that would be bad news for plants.
Send us photos of what you collected your snow in. Send them to You can use whatever you have to hold snow. Even empty butter tubs, or other recycled containers. Reuse!

Not only are we conserving water by not using tap water, we are actually making our plants healthier.

(this post brought to you with some typing help from my mom)

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  1. That would be a great challenge! The good thing about snow is that it is pure and clean water because when water freezes into ice, all the impurities are squeezed out. That would surely be a great way to get water for your plants. Thanks for sharing! :D

    Lorenza Coon @ Central Basin