Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How YOU can get involved.

Now that more people know about "Kids Grow Green" we have been asked how you can get more involved.

(photo courtesy of Ann Louisa Photography and Hood Magazine)


Sign up to follow our blog by email by putting your email address in the box on the right side of the screen. That way you won't miss your chances to help when they come up.


We will start to post challenges for you at home to share with us how you go/grow green at home. You can write us a note, or make us a video about the challenge and we will post it. Our kid ideas of how to Go Green, might be totally new and we should share them with the world.
Click to see our official Kids Grow Green Challenges post.


 Sometimes there are events my friends and I may need help with. If we need more kids to help us at our events, we will post and you can email to sign up to help. Limited spots will be available.


Grow your own plants at home to sell at a small stand like I did last year. Sell at rummage sales, or just on your corner. Donate the profits to a green cause of your choice, and let us know about what you are doing and how it is going along the way. 
 We want to tell others about what you are doing too!
I sold marigolds last year with my tomatoes. Marigolds are easy to grow and sell really well!
You could get started right away and still have a month to grow your marigold plants before the ground thaws!
Our master gardener friends say that people really like to buy herb plants too!
I have never grown those before though.


You can even organize a growing event and sale for your class, or scout group, or 4H group next year. We would love Kids Grow Green projects to spread everywhere.


Don't forget to come to our tomato plant sale on May 3rd at the Sioux Empire Farmer's Market and tell everyone you know to come too!


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