Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Show Us Your Sprouts

Here is Kaden and his sprouts.
Here is Ben and his sprouts.
Observation: Ben has two different kinds of tomatoes in his tray. One kind looks like it has spouted and one kind looks like it has not yet. Maybe it is because we planted one at 1/2 inch and one at 1/4. Maybe it is because different kinds sprout at different times. Maybe it is both.
Here are Nicole's Sprouts which have gotten a ton taller since yesterday.
Ellen said once your plants have all sprouted you can take the lid off. She also said that you can water them from the bottom if they are dry on top. Just put 1 inch of water in the tray and let them soak it up. Tomatoes like being watered from the bottom. They don't like their leaves to get wet.
My mom will send spray bottles to school for everyone to take home soon.

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