Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ag Day Photos!

Ag Day was great.
My friends Kaden, Gracie, Nicole and Sean helped me with my booth.

We taught a lot of people to fold newspaper pots.

Hood Magazine gave us green Hood shirts to wear for our events.
This is one of our tomato plants in a new cozy newspaper box home. He was taller but I planted him deeper because tomatoes will grow more roots from a buried stem.

I made a banner for our table the night before.

My mom said this reminds her of a scene from the film Watermelon Magic.

Showing people how to fold Newspaper pots to plant seeds in.

We told a lot of people about our sale and Kaden is really good at that now.

We put my plant stand up in the background to draw attention to our corner.

We had a busy day.
 This event sees 1500 people in 4 hours.

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