Saturday, March 8, 2014

Video #1 What to do with your tray once you are home.

I made a video to let you know what to do once your plants are home.
1. Put them by a window, inside, in a warm place. Not in a garage or outside.
2. Leave the lid on. It keeps it warmer in there and moist.
3. Don't water unless your soil is dried out. Ours is still plenty moist. It only needs to be wet like a wrung out sponge not a dripping one. Too much water will drown  your seeds/seedlings. A tiny seed won't need a ton of water.

We won't see anything for around two weeks so it is best to just leave it alone.
Take a photo of where you have your plants and send it to 
and we will post it on the blog and show everyone where you are growing! 

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