Monday, March 10, 2014

Video #2 SPROUTS!!!!

We have sprouted!
Watch this video to know what to do with your new sprouts!

1. Don't touch the plants. They don't like that.
2. Leave the lids on for now when they are so tiny, so they stay warmer and don't dry out.
3. Don't take the seed pods off the top. They will fall off by themselves.
4. Ours are still very moist, so our plants still don't need any water.
5. If yours are dry of the top, fill the bottom tray with an inch of water and have the soil soak up water from the bottom again.
6. Once all/most of your plants have sprouted you can take the lid off.
 Observations: We noticed that ours sprouted faster where the soil was loose and not packed down. So if your soil is packed down it might take more energy for your seeds to grow. Just be patient, one whole tray of ours has not sprouted yet.

Did you make any observations?

Email photos of your sprouts, your observations or any other things you want to share to

We will contact Kathy and Ellen to see if they have anything else they want you to know.

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