Monday, March 10, 2014

Show Us where your plants are.

Here are Quentin's plants by the window.
Looks nice and sunny.
Ben sent us this photo of where his plants are. Looks like a good spot.
Yoda can use the force to make them grow.
Nicole sent us this photo and said...
"Hi, I put my plant in front of patio door. Ten of them are already sprouted.  ------------Nicole"
My mom actually didn't believe it! She thought there might have been weed seed in the dirt because we expected to wait two weeks before we saw spouts.
But she was not the only one with sprouts.
Kaden, Gracie, and Nicole all had sprouts that they knew of and told me about.
So tonight we checked ours again and....
We have sprouts too!
So Nicole wins the for the first reported sprouts!

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