Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who Will We Help?

We have three green organizations we have decided to help, and who have decided to help us by teaching us more about what they do, and supporting our sale.
The Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum and East Sioux Falls Historic Site began as a dream. A local visionary for the environment, Mary Jo Wegner imagined a natural haven in Sioux Falls like others enjoy in major cities. With wetlands, gardens, and native plants, the Arboretum provides recreation and education. A living link to the past and a great stake in our future: the Arboretum will help future generations foster a relationship with the environment while sharing the story of how earlier cultures interacted with the natural world.
We are planning to give part of our money to their tree fund so we will be helping to plant a tree at the arboretum.
Ground Works is grassroots community development nonprofit with the mission to be the education and networking center to grow opportunities for healthy neighborhoods and communities through school teaching gardens and creative local food production.
During 2012 nearly 1500 elementary school students discovered school teaching gardens as safe places for wholistic learning that engages mind, body, emotions and spirit. With "A Growing Place" teaching garden at Lowell Elementary School, Sioux Falls is beginning its 6th growing season. Early on teaching garden launches took place at Lowell Elementary, Hayward Elementary, and the Children's Home Society in Sioux Falls and also many other gardens have been launched since then to include surrounding communities. The goal of Ground Works is to be the platform for empowering local leadership teams to release school teaching gardens to impact the lives of many more students in the years to come.
Black Hills Raptor Center
The Black Hills Raptor Center helps endangered and injured owls hawks and eagles. It is a non-profit that runs mainly on donations. What is cool is that they just got a huge amount of land donated to them and have started a capital campaign to raise money to have this land turned into use for their birds. No other Raptor Center in the country currently has access to this much space for their birds. They were super excited to hear about our project and are trying to arrange a raptor event in our town so that they can bring one of the birds to our sale in May. 

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