Thursday, February 27, 2014

Meeting the Master Gardners

Business meal number 2 was awesome! I ate a lot. We went to Golden Harvest Chinese Restaurant which is one of my favorites. They have the best wonton soup ever.
There I met with Ellen and Kathy who are master gardeners.
A master gardener is a person who take lots of classes with tests at the end to pass to become a master gardener. Then they help other people with their garden or growing projects. Like me!
Ellen and Kathy realized that they live 5 houses away from each other and they both have dogs that they walk. So they have actually talked in passing before but never really met. So they were excited to find out that they are actually neighbors.
Ellen is going to be there to help us plant on Tuesday for sure. Kathy, who is actually already a mentor at our school, might be there that day but might not because she has a new grand baby she is going to go see.
Yet both of them said they will be helping us with videos and planting and growing tips on the blog.
Ellen has some things to teach us about how wet the seeds need to be in order to grow. They are both a little worried that we will drench or drown them by watering them too much.
I really liked meeting with them. I have decided I really enjoy business meals.

And I would have a photo, but my mom keeps forgetting to take pictures.

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