Thursday, February 13, 2014

Business Meetings and Interviews

This week I heard from a few people. I am getting good at business meetings and interviews about my project.

We also have an official email.

I have a meeting with Ground works on the 18th.

I have a meeting with my teacher 19th to cover details before I officially talk to my class. Hopefully it will be soon. It is hard to keep all this a secret and I want them to help plan things.

Hood Magazine wants to set up a photo shoot for the April issue.

I got an email and returned a phone call to an Argus Leader writer who was interested in the event and she is also a master gardener.

I also got an email from another master gardener who already is a volunteer at my school who is interested in helping out.

We are still working on supply donations to get started. My classmates might be able to help with that once they know about the project. We will decide how many plants we want to try to grow and figure out how much supplies we need for sure.

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