Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Friday Is the Day!

Friday is the day I get to tell my class about the project!
I can't wait! It will be hard not to tell them tomorrow.

Then we will be able to brainstorm together and vote on two more green causes that our profits will go toward. I have a couple more ideas now, but I want my classmates to be able to share their ideas too.

We will also have my class help design our event logo in a mini contest and we will vote to decide who's design we like the best. 

Next week Tuesday we plan to estimate the amount of materials we need for our project in class.

Then hopefully March 4th will be our planting day if we get all the supplies.

Yesterday after school  I met Tim and Cindy from  Ground Works. They had some more opportunities for my class but I will save those to share another day.

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