Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Transplanting Day

We transplanted today!
We had parents, teachers, a master gardener and my classmates that could stay after school help transplant their plants from the sprouting trays into the milk cartons we collected from school lunch last week. Now they are ready to sell in a few weeks.

We had a lot of fun working together.

Gracie's dad was amazed how perfectly the milk cartons fit into the planting trays.
Nice huh. We didn't plan that it just happened.
We also got dirty and made a mess. The community center is great! They wouldn't even let us sweep up the extra dirt afterwards. They took care of it for us! Special thanks to Chad!
We had a few tomatoes that didn't make it, and some that were too small yet to transplant but we had a few extra sprouts we were able to send home with our friends to try again. I brought home some extras that need a little more time to catch up.
Here is a how to video on how we transplanted our plants in case you want to do this step at home.

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