Monday, April 21, 2014

Some People Dye Eggs for Easter, We Transplanted Tomatoes.

My extended family pitched in and because it was windy outside we turned our dinning room table into tomato transplanting central. Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, brother's and cousins all helped.

My friend Sean came over to my house to transplant his plants today too.

That plastic swimming pool is getting a lot of use.

My uncle got holes drilled into all the remaining milk cartons.

I have a total of 192 plants transplanted at my house so far.
9 of my friends all have trays that have between 20 and 32 transplanted healthy plants at home.
This means if they all make it to May, we will have somewhere around 400 plants to sell.
We never did get around to dying eggs.
Thanks, Mike, Lilah, Lauren, Jack, Ethan and Grandma for helping me with my project today.

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