Friday, April 4, 2014

Extra Sprouts, Milk Cartons, and Transplanting Plans

There are 3 Big things that are in the works.
1. We are discussing with the master gardeners as to when/what they want us to do with our extra sprouts. They are getting pretty big.

2. We are looking to set up a time to collect milk cartons soon at my school in order to transplant our tomato plants into them to sell. We will need to collect around 400 milk cartons. Our principal says it will take a couple days to get this many.  We will need parent volunteers to help collect and wash the cartons so please let my mom know if you can help during the day. 
We got fun collection containers from Millennium Recycling to use to collect our milk cartons. This it is part of the national Carton Council. Milk cartons and juice boxes are actually recyclable here now, and Roosevelt HS and one SF Middle school are already using this system to recycle them. We will be borrowing it and trying it out when we collect our milk cartons.
To learn more about how to get one for your school please contact or visit the link to

3. We will have to set up a date/time to transplant our plants into school milk cartons so we can sell them. Most likely we will try to do this right after school one day this month. It will have to be after we have the milk cartons. We have plenty of dirt to do this. Your parents will have to bring your plants in that day either before school if our teacher let's us have them in the room for the day, or afterschool. We will love parent help with this activity as well.

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