Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Milk Carton Recycling !!!

I brought this nifty milk recycling system to school Monday and Tuesday and used it to collect milk cartons for transplanting our tomato plants into.

Step 1: Drink your milk.

Step 2: Empty your leftover milk (if you didn't finish it) into the bucket.

Step 3: Put your milk into the recycling container.

 It didn't seem to take much extra time or effort for the 2nd through 5 graders to do. I only had to rescue one or two full cartons from the bin to dump out and we saved a total 4 recyling containers full milk cartons from the landfill in two days. If we were to recycle them the bags of cartons would go in with our schools other recyclables.

We are using our milk cartons for my tomato plant sale project, but it was fun for my school to be able to try out this system and practice it so they are ready if the school were to decide to implement it full time.

If you would like to start this program in your school please visit 

If you live in the Sioux Falls area and are interested in recycling milk cartons at your school contact Millennium Recycling. 
using the link on their page.

 Starting Milk Carton Recycling in your school is one of our Kids Grow Green Challenges!
If you are the one to get this started in your school, contact us at kidsgrowgreensf@live.com and we will feature you on our blog! 
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My cartons however took a trip home and got a quick bath.

All 400+ of them.
Ready for transplanting my tomato plants for sale day May 3rd.

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