Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's Rummage Sale time!

It's Kingswood rummage sale time again. Kingswood is a HUGE area of rummage sales. We live in the extended  Kingswood area and our street is so busy, it is usually ends up like one way traffic.
So in keeping with tradition I set up shop at our rummage sale this year for an hour before soccer practice started.

I sold 15 tomato plants!
Not a bad start. I will be up and running again tomorrow after school.
While I sent to soccer practice the owner of Kidtopia Toy Store stopped by our rummage sale and saw my booth, tomato plants, and the Hood Magazine All Things Green Issue's I had sitting out. She was impressed and left her phone number and card with my grandparents, who were running our rummage while our family was at soccer events tonight.
She said if we have a lot of leftover Tomato plants we can come sell them outside of Kidtopia and she will send out a mass email to all of the people on her email list.
We also have a possible offer to sell plants outside a local Hy-Vee.
We will see how our May 3rd Sioux Empire Farmer's Market Sale goes and see how many plants we have leftover.


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