Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Beginning

Today I went to Ace Hardware and filled out a donation request form. It sounded like the managers thought Kid's Grow Green was a good idea. Talking to the managers about my plan made me a bit nervous. I think I will need to practice explaining it a bit more.

I also have a lunch meeting with Erica from the Washington Pavilion on Tuesday. It will be at Leonardo's café. I like the fact that the restaurant is named after Leonardo Davinci.

I will tell Erica my idea start to finish, and she said she might have some ideas for my project.
Although I have some groups in mind, I have not decided on specific green organizations to ask to be a part of my event,  I had asked Erica about local green companies who may be able to talk to my friends and I about what they do.  I remember some green groups having booths at the kids engineering competition last year at the Washington Pavilion so I thought she might have some ideas I didn't think of.

She emailed and mentioned something about a film. I will let you know more about that when I learn more.

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