Saturday, May 24, 2014

KGG Challenge #4 Screen Free Week

Ok so I am not going to ask you to totally go without power for a week, although that would be a rather large challenge not many would even try to do it, so let's try something that is still a challenge but a little bit easier.
KGG Challenge #4

I challenge you to have a Screen Free Week.
I am not talking about window screens but TV and computer screens of all kinds. This means No TV shows, No Movies, No computer games, No DS handheld systems either.
We do this at our house (parents too) for the first week of summer after school is out. That is why I was not able to post on the blog. My parents still check email only after we are in bed.
Otherwise they took take a break.

If you do a screen free week send us photos of some of the things you did!
We will post them on our blog.
What did we do?
Put our feet in a nearby lake.
Explored Pioneer Village in Madison SD
We visited the Outdoor Campus
We played at a park
We went on a bike ride
We prepped and planted our garden
We got a great start on our summer Kids daily Bible study.
We ran through the sprinkler and turned our swing set into a water park.
We turned our living room into a tent city and even slept there one night and each threw a separate party in our tents and invited each other to come with initiations and party games and snacks.
We went to the library, twice!
We checked out craft books and drawing books from the library and did some art projects.
We visited our cousins to play with their games and toys.
Planted some seeds (sort of)
We went to the Museum of Visual Materials to play Legos on their GIANT Lego table
We visited the Courthouse Museum
Climbed a tree
We played board games because we wanted to, not because we were bored
We made up a math water game called SPLAT involving some dice and a tray of water.
We colored a HUGE chalk picture on our driveway
Spotted things we are sometimes to busy to see.
We tied a large jump rope to the fence and played jump rope games and we only needed one person to swing the rope instead of two.
Built a sandcastle
We blew bubbles
Had a picnic in a park
Took a bunch of photos of us and animals (we didn't count the camera as a screen)

We did more than this but this is what I can remember and still have a bunch of things left we wanted to do. We might make a day or two a week totally screen free for the rest of the summer!

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