Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 Tomato Sale Total,

Hello everyone!  I am happy to announce that this year we raised $452.75 selling our tomato plants. Considering last year I raised about $64 at the garage sale by myself, I think that this is a huge jump. We ended up giving some of our extra plants to teachers at our school, and then brought some more to the outdoor campus who put a free-will donation box out for those who wanted to give and take home a plant.
We will post updates as we deliver donations to our three causes.
We finally got our tomatoes planted in our garden too.

You are probably wondering why it looks like I planted a plastic bottle. We burry an upside down plastic bottle, with the bottom cut open, next to our tomato plants roots. We water our tomatoes all summer long by putting water into the cut open bottom(now top) of this bottle. Tomato plants don't enjoy getting wet and this delivers water and even some extra air (in our clay soil) to our tomato plants roots. Seems to work well for us and a wise gardening friend once they are full size, they need one bottle full a day to produce. Its a simple built in measuring system. It is also a new use for an old plastic bottle.


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